Our Mission

When you can’t find the solution you’re looking for, it’s time to create it. POW Audio® Founder/CEO, Glen Walter, has applied his thirty years in product development and a lifetime of insatiable curiosity to improving people’s interactions and experiences, letting purposeful ideas and functions drive the resulting aesthetic. Glen’s son Cameron who was determined to find a high quality portable speaker that would fit into modern mobile life and imagined something more expandable. Inspired by his son’s dream, Glen set out to design this new future sound and is now leading the portable audio revolution, redefining portable audio devices with his company, POW Audio built on patented WaveBloom™ Audio Expansion Technology.


Our team at POW Audio believes we need speakers that can live up to our hunger to do more, see more and connect more without sacrificing the quality of what we hear. We create products that are lightweight, travel well and redefine the expectation of what portable sound can deliver.

Minimal Design
Maximum Impact

Our first product, the POW Mo, transformed the initial spark of our WaveBloom technology into a revolutionary speaker design that makes it possible to fit anthemic sound in your pocket. Clearer, more dynamic audio makes it easier to create experiences that bring us closer together

With Purpose

As we expand POW Audio, we’ll be supporting causes and creators whose stories need to be heard. Our primary mission is to deliver better audio experiences, and we also want to help underprivileged innovators, community builders, and musical projects that broaden our understanding of the world. If you’re one of these voices, or have a cause you’d like to see us get behind, tell us about it—we’d love to start a conversation.

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