Sound That Travels: Tips for Your Trips

Years ago, most people never strayed more than a few miles from home. For our entire lives, the only neck of the woods we knew was our own. Then the world changed – fast. First came the railroads, then the family sedan and the 747, and eventually, the final frontier: the all-inclusive resort package. We truly are an evolved species. 😉

So at a time when a weekend trip may send you miles that a distant cousin didn’t roam in all their years combined, it’s no surprise that our lifestyles have changed dramatically with our travel. Nowadays, rather than packing salt and sugar for the long journey across the Plains, we’re double-checking our duffel for the charger that’ll give our phone enough juice between here and Japan. Forget the hunting rifle from the past. Today, the last thing you want to be stranded without in transit is your portable listening devices.

Some things, though, don’t change. Take music; In the car, on the subway, after boarding the plane – earbuds are clutch. But music is best when it’s a shared experience, right? Once you reach your destination, it’s time to open up, invite everyone in and let ‘em hear what you’re all about. Your best bet? You guessed it, expandable wireless speakers from POW Audio. Your tinny mobile phone sound alone won’t cut it for anyone, but the Mo and Una X deliver clear, powerful audio, and they unlock deep bass you’d never expect from a packable sound system. Think of all the ways, and places, that POW gives you more on the road.

Hotel: Sorry, but that clunky clock radio isn’t capable of much except annoying you. And when you arrive at your home away from home, unpacking and settling in should feel freeing – not stressful. Imagine popping out a Mo and sticking it on your hotel mini fridge; you’re ready to rock. Humans cannot live on headphones alone. Go ahead and unplug from the matrix for more than a hot minute. 

Airbnb: Rented a place for the whole crew? The Una X brings up to 16 hours of stunning 360° sound, so you can plan your day over breakfast and a morning playlist, take it with you to elevate your daytime excursion, then bump your bangers over a bonfire later that night. The Bluetooth connectivity allows anyone in your group to plug in wirelessly and change up the mix, while the unmatched portability and explosive sound makes everyone want to.

Pool: Now it’s real. You’re a million miles from home, and not to mention work and stress. Let the sun warm your shoulders, the water whisk back your hair and the tunes wash over you – along with everyone that you want in your orbit. The POW Una, splash proof and stabilized on the water’s surface, is perfect for cooling in the pool. Stay tuned for updates on availability! 

Camping: Roughing it? Mo and Una are very lightweight, yet plenty rugged. They pop down flat and slip easily into your pocket or bag, Mo attaches to magnetic surfaces and comes with a Universal Mount, and Una comes with an adjustable travel strap; choose how you latch on to your camping gear. You’re well taken care of, whether on a bike trip, a hike or just lounging around the campground. 

Beach or park: POW listening experiences are awesomely versatile companions for any on-the-go day trip. POW’s Wavebloom-enhanced technology amplifies your music for a larger gathering, and the ability to Stereo Sync lets you pair together two Mo speakers or two Una/Una X line speakers for true L/R stereo immersion and maximum amplitude. All POW Audio speakers are water-resistant, and Una is designed to float on water, so you’re covered no matter what kind of hang is happening.


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