POW now at b8ta Retail Stores

The award-winning Mo Bluetooth speaker is available at b8ta stores across the U.S. b8ta, the experiential retailer reimagining physical retail, will feature the pocket-sized, magnetic Mo that promotes unmatched portability combined with high-quality resonance and demonstrably impressive volume for a speaker its size. 

“This partnership marks a seminal moment in POW Audio’s history,” POW Audio Chief Revenue Officer Gregg Stein said. “Our team is constantly looking to partner with other innovative companies, which this partnership with b8ta embodies. b8ta represents the future of retail, and WaveBloom is the future of audio technology. We’re two companies that hold innovation paramount and I cannot think of a better partner to help get WaveBloom into the hands of more consumers.”

b8ta is a software-powered retailer focused on product discovery and enhancing the in-store customer experience. The company curates and selects products to showcase in their stores based on industry-leading innovation. That core ethos naturally generated interest in POW’s WaveBloom-enhanced speaker family.

“b8ta is excited to work with POW Audio’s father-son team to expand the reach and accessibility of the company’s Mo bluetooth speaker,” said Carrie Kelly, SVP of Partnerships and Business Development at b8ta. “POW Audio’s innovative WaveBloom technology is a perfect example of a new product that customers seek to experience in real life, and we’re eager to deliver that opportunity to b8ta store visitors across the country.”

Check out Mo at one of the locations below, and let us know about your experience. We’d love to hear from you. 

Silicon Valley, CA

Short Hills, NJ

Brookfield Place, NY

Hudson Yards, NY

Houston, TX

Seattle, WA

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