Mo Pre-orders are Shipping!

Today, our dream of bringing the musician’s voice, the poet’s message, the filmmaker’s soundtrack and the interviewer’s thoughts within range has come to fruition here at the POW Audio studio in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Today is the day we shipped the first Mo to people who have pre-ordered. Today we become more than an idea.

Mo is POW Audio’s first born as we await Mo’s sisters and brothers. We’re excited that our earliest customers will actually hear our speakers for the first time.

The journey is a whirlwind, comprised first and foremost of listening to our evolving communities’ desires, as well as the intelligence of our elite audio engineers and respected manufacturers, mixed with a high level of creativity, management and more.

Now that we’ve begun shipping, together we can change the way in which people travel—or just hang out—with the world’s soundscape in their pocket. Mo is smaller than your wallet. What’s even crazier? It’s all fueled by air. That’s what sound is, a series of vibrations or disruptions in the air. And it’s different vibrations that net us different things—music, education, sports play-by-play, etc.

There is nothing more enjoyable to me than sharing this journey with my son, Cam, who was the inspiration behind the WaveBloom technology and is engaged in the vision. We bumped fists this morning as we shared smiles of both satisfaction and wonderment.

Wishing you all “good vibrations”.  And please speak up. All we’re listening to now is you.

Peace and respect,

Glen Walter
POW Audio Founder/CEO

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