Gift-Giving Tips for Your Fam

Still last-minute holiday shopping? We get it. The gift-giving season shouldn’t be a stressful part of the holidays, but we know it can be. We may be strapped for cash or time, or stumped about what to buy (and half of the people on our list may fall into the “naughty” category). But with a little thought (and some suggestions from us, including the memory-making power of POW speakers, of course), you can round up a sweet sack of goodies that covers everyone in your fam and gets you in the spirit in no time. Some tips:

Mom: When she isn’t working or helping around the home, mom is checking in on her half-grown adult children. (Well, can you be trusted? 😉) Mom’s always loved to read—but who has the time? Get her a subscription to an audiobook or article-reader app. She can fire up a New Yorker story on her smartphone to stay informed on the morning commute or hit the gym to take in Eat, Pray, Love while conquering the elliptical machine.

Grandpa: These days, Gramps has a lot of time on his hands, a doctor’s order to eat healthier and a serious jones for gadgets. Easy call: countertop air fryer. He’ll have a ball setting it up and figuring out the best foods to bake in it. (Yup, an air fryer is, in fact, a mini convection oven.) And because he and Grandma are dining for two most nights, it’ll be the perfect size.

Mother-in-law: Come on, she can’t be that bad! You just haven’t connected yet. Buy her a subscription to a streaming entertainment service, ask what she likes to watch, then step up and binge with her—in the same room or on your own. Either way, it’ll mean you have something to talk about other than her darling offspring.

Computer geek nephew: Bert could hack into the mainframe of a Fortune 500 company at age 15, but he couldn’t tell you the difference between a Phillips and a flathead if his life depended on it. Buy him a cordless drill and—this is the real gift—show him how to use it. If the kid going to find love, the day will probably come when he needs to prove he can hang a bathroom mirror.

Grandma: Endless sandwiches just like you like them. An open-jar policy on those candies you can’t find anywhere else. Grandma has helped hook you up your whole life. Is it too much to ask for you to pamper her for once? Get her a gift card to the local spa, where they’ll manicure, exfoliate and deep-tissue massage the sweet lady who once rubbed your boo-boos away. Go on: a hundred bucks will make her feel like a million.

Filthy-rich aunt: Aunt Rose wouldn’t know a deal if it jumped up and bit her on her 14-carat-decorated ear. But you can get a pretty nifty tablet for a steal during the holidays and make it look like you spent a fortune. Even if she never finds the power button, it’ll make for a fancy end-table coaster. 

Dad: He doesn’t say a ton, and he asks for nothing. But make no mistake: spending a little time with his kids means the world to the old man. Rather than buy him a tie clip to collect dust on his dresser, take him out to a game. Get a couple tickets to Hamilton. Reenact your eighth birthday at Chuck E. Cheese—anything that’ll put you in the same space, just you and him, and make a memory neither of you will forget. 

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