CES 2020 Survival Guide

When we start daydreaming about our vacation or getaway plans, our first thoughts don’t usually turn to electronics and winter in Las Vegas. But as the old saying goes, ain’t no party like a tech party. That’s why the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, from January 7th-10th in Las Vegas, is such a hot ticket.

The 2019 event saw more than 170,000 attendees show up in Sin City, and with good reason: Over the years, CES has hosted the introduction of such culture-shaking devices as the VCR, compact disc player and HDTV. Last year's event marked the debut of some truly tasty, groundbreaking tech: the Impossible Burger 2.0.

With more than 4,500 companies in line to exhibit this January, CES 2020 is likely to top last year's attendance. That’s a lot of close encounters, even for Vegas, so it’s best to be prepared. If you’re interested in a trip to the Strip to peruse the latest tech the world has to offer—from audio to 3D printing to self-driving vehicles and virtual reality—take a peek at our CES 2020 survival guide:

You gotta move: Even if you book your transit to Vegas with pinpoint accuracy, that’s only half the travel-battle. Now you have to get around Vegas. This year’s event will be staged across three geographical areas, featuring 11 venues and covering 2.9 million net feet of exhibit space. Have fun hailing a cab. You may have to compare multiple rideshare apps and frankly, consider every alternative. Shuttling between the Sands (where POW Audio will be stationed!), ARIA, the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center, you might find that a lightweight, fold-up kickboard or scooter is your best friend. 

Dine wisely: Humans cannot live on Impossible Burgers alone, and besides, you don’t want to count on a tech trade show for sustenance. Pack easy, snackable, non-perishable foods (think jerky and nuts) and fruits and veggies that hold up well under the travel grind (say, apples and carrot sticks). What you don’t eat on the plane, you’ll want to have handy in the hotel room or even on-the-go at the show. And whether or not you imbibe, be sure to drink lots of water. It’s Vegas, baby.

Dress for less than excess: Remember those nearly 3 million feet of CES territory? You’re going to need a comfy pair of kicks to ensure maximal elbow-rubbing with all those venture capitalists. We haven't tried it yet, but the CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree WAHU shoe features an “active sole” that adapts to your environment, terrain and usage. You know what you want your feet to look and feel like, so strike the right balance. 

Accessorize appropriately: Sure, you’ll want to carry a portable phone charger, something to keep your breath nice and fresh—all the standard stuff. But don’t stop there. Be sure to pack a compact, collapsible umbrella. (Vegas in January can be rainy.) Check out some travel humidifiers. (When it’s not wet, Vegas is very dry.) With more than one out of every three CES attendees hailing from outside the U.S., you also may need help breaking the language barrier. Take a look at the iFLYTEK Translator 2.0, a CES 2019 Innovation Award winner. It’s a little communicator that’ll help break the iceeven if you're offlinewith those overseas investors you just know would be interested in your next big thing. 

And of course, don't head into the madness of CES without meeting us at booth # 41564 and getting a peek at what's new for POW in 2020. We're excited to expand the POW fam, and we think you'll love what you see and hear! It's in the air...

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