Get the Award-Winning, Floatable, Expandable Una Today!

The floatable, expandable Una is now shipping!  🔊💦🚀 Get the power of WaveBloom technology in a splash-proof, water-resistant and ultra-portable speaker with unmatched versatility, and bring premium sound wherever the tunes, the path or the...Read More.

Power of Sound: Molly Haynes

Molly Haynes is a textile artist who spends her days alone crafting beautiful, handwoven pieces that take hours of time to create. And she's receiving a lot of praise for her work. How is she able to stay focused...Read More.

Supersonic: The Sounds of Travel

For centuries, humanity traveled by land and by sea, braving the elements and the unknown wilderness—all without the benefit of proper audio entertainment. Whether sailing the treacherous passage around Cape Horn or wagon-training it across...Read More.

Continuations of Innovation: A Salute

Innovation never sleeps. Creativity can arrive in a single spark, but it’s just as often a continuous kinetic chain – ideas exploding from single eureka! moments and slow burns of technological development that can leap...Read More.

CES 2020 Survival Guide

When we start daydreaming about our vacation or getaway plans, our first thoughts don’t usually turn to electronics and winter in Las Vegas. But as the old saying goes, ain’t no party like a tech...Read More.

Sound That Travels: Tips for Your Trips

Years ago, most people never strayed more than a few miles from home. For our entire lives, the only neck of the woods we knew was our own. Then the world changed – fast. First...Read More.

Power of Sound: Ryan McElmon

Professional action sports competitor Ryan McElmon states that in his line of work, there’s something called a “flow state.” It’s elusive, mind you. And every competition is rife with those who get there and others...Read More.

Gift-Giving Tips for Your Fam

Still last-minute holiday shopping? We get it. The gift-giving season shouldn’t be a stressful part of the holidays, but we know it can be. We may be strapped for cash or time, or stumped about...Read More.

The Magic of Music

“One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.” - Bob Marley; Reggae legend. Soulful mystic. Rastafarian poet. Not a board certified medical physician. But professional training aside, one of the world’s favorite unlicensed...Read More.

'Tis the Season to Be Saving - 25% Off All POW

Still shopping for presents? Looking to hook yourself up? Here's a gift for you. Our holiday discount is back—Get the expansive power of POW at 25% off for a limited time, and warm up the season with...Read More.

Vote Una! Last Gadget Standing: People's Choice Award

We're humbly asking for your vote. The CES Last Gadget Standing: People’s Choice Award is celebrating 20 years of great audience-selected innovation. The POW Una is in the running for 2020, and we need your...Read More.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shoppers: Which Are You?

Shopping, for some of us, is somewhat of a competitive sport. The sales snoopers and coupon clippers among us routinely seek the thrill of victory (a 50-inch 4K flat screen for the price of a...Read More.

Thanksgiving Sounds: Audio for the Holiday

When we hear “Jingle Bells” – or any version of it, including that one about Gotham’s caped crusader – we probably think of the annual early onslaught of Christmas music, right? Well, fun fact: first...Read More.

Power of Sound: Tim Ringgold

Tim Ringgold, board certified music therapist, is the owner and director of Sonic Divinity Music Therapy Services, based in Orange County, California. Since 2007, Ringgold and Sonic Divinity have been serving multiple populations through research-based...Read More.

Una X Has Arrived, Black Friday Starts Now - 25% Off

The expandable, omnidirectional Una X is here. 🔊🚀 To celebrate the arrival of the best listening experience you can fit in a backpack, we’ve kicked off our Black Friday Sale with 25% off all POW...Read More.

Power of Sound: Jae Deal

We sat down with musician and award-winning composer Jae Deal to find out what’s in his secret sauce. Deal, an Adjunct Professor at the USC Thornton School of Music, has collaborated with a plethora of...Read More.

Dads & Grads deal: Get 2 Mo speakers for only $149.99!

Whether you’re shopping for Dad, the Grad or yourself (you deserve it!), we’ve got the go-to gift. Today through June 16th, you can order a Stereo Sync Pack of two award-winning Mo expandable speakers for...Read More.

An Ode to Innovation

Not every act of intellectual discovery qualifies as a “Eureka!” moment. We have canonized the ingenuity of inventors and uber-tinkerers like the Wright Brothers and Steve Jobs, but not all breakthroughs are as cinematically culture-shifting...Read More.

Tricks & (Musical) Treats for Halloween

Every year around this time, a chill shudders through your leafy block, disfigured gourds appear up and down your street and creepy neighbors you’ve taken great pains to avoid suddenly materialize on your doorstep. Halloween...Read More.

Charting The Unknown: What Back To School Means For the College Freshman

Back to school used to be so easy: Convince mom to buy that new lunchbox and a fresh pair of kicks, and you’re in – you’ve scored yourself a spot at the cool kids’ table....Read More.

POW now at b8ta Retail Stores

The award-winning Mo Bluetooth speaker is available at b8ta stores across the U.S. b8ta, the experiential retailer reimagining physical retail, will feature the pocket-sized, magnetic Mo that promotes unmatched portability combined with high-quality resonance and demonstrably...Read More.

Introducing Una & Una X!

The POW product family is growing. Jammed with POW’s revolutionary WaveBloom technology, our newest speakers bring unmatched audio quality and volume, ultra-versatility and booming bass to your home or any destination.  Una floats on water...Read More.

Labor Day of Love: Appreciating Those Making Our Lives Easier

Labor Day comes but once a year – the first Monday in September – and the arrival of summer’s last fling produces a fairly typical reaction: I deserve this. And it’s true. We work hard. But there...Read More.

Celebrating Independence & Innovation

The Fourth of July is America’s birthday bash – a solemn commemorative of independence that doubles as a rad block party for the country. In recognition of the moment, we’re highlighting a handful of rockstar...Read More.

Golf Clubbing: Take Your Tunes to the Course

The signs are different for each of us: The dogwoods are blooming. The school kids are getting restless. The local public course dries out, greens up and opens for business. Even if you don’t know...Read More.

Turn Up Your Tailgating

Let’s think about the ingredients that make up your best summer days. Sunshine. Warm breeze. Friends. Tunes. Maybe a concert or a ballgame. A great time comes in endless shapes and sizes. Whether you’re bringing...Read More.

POW & TickPick - Spring Festival Giveaway

The only thing better than attending a music festival is bringing high quality audio ? wherever you go! We’ve partnered with TickPick and want to hook you + a friend up with expandable Mo speakers and $200...Read More.

We won two Stevie Awards!

At POW Audio, we’re all about community. We want to create products that make the experiences of sound more shareable. When the larger community acknowledges that work, we can’t help but share our gratitude. POW...Read More.

Expanding the Neighborhood with American Authors

Music isn’t just about sounds and beats. It’s about people—those creating the music, singing and playing it, and of course, those listening to it. Really, it’s about community. It was great to have a chance...Read More.

The POW Mo is now $79.99!

We are very excited to announce that because of advancements in our manufacturing process, we are able to lower our own costs and we will be passing savings on to you! To show our appreciation...Read More.

Helping Out with American Authors & Alt 92.9

It isn’t every day you get a chance to be in the room, within arm’s reach, when an amazing band delivers an exclusive live performance. It’s even rarer when you get to hang with them and lift...Read More.

Mo Pre-orders are Shipping!

Today, our dream of bringing the musician’s voice, the poet’s message, the filmmaker’s soundtrack and the interviewer’s thoughts within range has come to fruition here at the POW Audio studio in Lowell, Massachusetts. Today is...Read More.

Pre-order POW Mo today!

We’re happy to announce that Mo and beautifully matched accessories are now available for pre-order. To show our appreciation for being one of the first to experience the WaveBloom enhanced Mo, a 5% discount will be automatically...Read More.

Meet us at CES 2019!

We’re all geared up for CES 2019. Come find us in Vegas next week at booth 42374 (Tech West, Level 2), and be one of the first to experience the portable audio revolution! Cheers to...Read More.

A Letter from Glen

Glen Walter here, Founder & CEO of POW Audio. I have spent my working career as an industrial designer, owning and operating a number of design studios in Boston and New York. I’ve helped develop...Read More.

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